Workshop Review

Dear Japneet and Gary.
Thank you for your lovely hospitality and wonderful workshop. I learnt a lot and hope to put it in practice soon. I have just reached and unpacked. All pieces are safe thanks to Gary's expert packing. So happy and proud to own Gary's work 

Nandita Jain Mahajan
New Delhi

Inspiration and aspiration!
Dear Japneet & Gary
That's what I have come away with! Let's hope in a year from now I can show results. Thank you both for the wonderful workshops, I for sure gained a lot. Jap your hospitality and kindness is much appreciated. Do thank Harinder as well for opening her house to strangers. Hope to continue being students/part of the potter community.Much success to your venture! 
Geeta Batra 
New Delhi


Hi everyone,
I am feeling refreshed after a wonderful trip to clean and green Chandigarh. Thanks a lot Gary and Jap for going out of the way and helping me with glaze concepts? Thanks Geeta, Nandita and Raj...your company made the whole experience even more enjoyable. 
Kavita Merchant 

Thank you Gray and Japneet Keithfor the enriching experience and the wonderful time.. of late i had stopped throwing big pots. Thank you Gary as you have inspired me enough to go back and throw big pots with the wonderful new techniques. Seeing your work and videos on fb is different from actually seeing and feeling your work it actually in person which surely is an immense joy and a thrill.. love to u both

Neelma Happy Potter


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