Your brand extends far beyond the logos or merchandise items. Branding is about awareness, both of yourself and your customer’s mental positioning of you.

Over the years, Red Mug has worked closely with many brands and products to evolve a distinct identity to their merchandise. We have worked with corporates, lifestyle brands, educational institutions, event managers and even fellow artists to develop a distinct voice to their product or show.



All our projects starts with the question — “What makes me distinctive? And how do I communicate that?”




Once you’ve defined who you are and what you’re all about on a consistent level, you want to ensure that you remain active in conveying this. This doesn’t mean constantly bombarding your customers with promotional messaging. What it does mean is being there on a constant basis to engage and interact with your audience, but only to the degree where you’re not overwhelming them and also not leaving them out in the cold.

Red Mug makes your brand a conversation piece. Intangibly, what it all does is speak to our brand, give it a voice. It becomes a conversation starter. And the message to the customer is —

“Our brand is innovative and fun”