General Workshops

Join a team of artists & potters in serene Chandigarh as Redmug ceramic studio kicks of its enticing program of Workshop Courses in the city

Ceramic Studio kicks off its enticing programme of workshop, courses, and artist residencies from its studio in the city.

Red Mug’s two-week workshop for groups is designed to help ceramic artists to focus and immerse to fine tune their knowledge of a specific aspect of clay, while rejuvenating their imagination amid the creative energy of fellow artists. Chandigarh, so lovingly put together by Le Corbusier, will form the backdrop of your transformative journey.Workshops can be scheduled at any time throughout the calendar year, and vary in theme and skill-level according to the requirement of each group.

Typically, a two-week intensive workshop will comprise ten days of studio activity, two-day visit to the traditional potter’s community and a chance to work alongside traditional potters.

With Instructor:
For a pre-established set of individuals with their instructor, Red Mug offers the option of planning an inspirational workshop visit to small clay cluster. Many who visit us gravitate to such an experience in order to cultivate new ideas and bring the learning into a brand-new setting while maintaining the continuity of teacher-student relationship.

Without Instructor:
For pre-established groups , Red Mug extends the opportunity to tailor-make an experience with our skilled instructors. In this format, the group has the freedom to specify what type of technique or theme it would like to focus on, the skill level to target, and the length of the session and the duration of stay. It’s an excellent way to polish your skills, with a little help from our experts

Shorter Workshops:
We also provide workshops of shorter lengths to accommodate a group’s availability and interest.

Studio facilities:
Our studio is airy and light-filled, fully-equipped with superb electric wheels, gas kilns, slab-roller, pug-mill, mold-making resources and a huge array of bamboo tools.

Terracotta and stoneware clay are available.

Accommodation: Accommodation possibilities can be tailored to the group: from home to guest houses, to a variety of highly-regarded hotels, bungalows or home stays in convenient proximity to our studio in Chandigarh.

Daily Classes:
Evening Classes: From 4:00 pm every week, Red Mugs in-house instructors are available to help you expand your knowledge of the medium, with active demonstrations that caters to your specific skill-level. Our instructors will guide you and provide you with personal attention as you lean and fine tune your skills.

Play With Clay:
Clay is the mother lode. There is simply no other medium like clay to kindle a child’s creative energy.

Clay is a wonderful, tactile medium that many kids have never experienced before. The three dimensional nature of the medium will make them to think about structures, shapes and forms.

At Red Mug, they can experiment with a variety of building techniques while they learn to turn thoughts into ideas and adapt to changes along the way. Students are assured of personal attention and time on a potters' wheel to their heart’s content.

Once children learn to express and execute their personal visions in clay, they can become empowered in ways that go far beyond the walls of a ceramic studio or a classroom. It will open their minds to new ideas and experiences and give them the confidence to create anything in their lives.